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Dartmouth Photo Society United by Love of the Lens
Darkroom Equipment 
     Bessler 23C 11 Black and White enlarger with a cold light head, Nikkon lens, 35 mm carrier.
     2 Gra Lab Darkroom Timers
     1 set of neutral density filters for the enlarger
     1 Paterson Micro Focus Finder
     3 Paterson 35 mm film developing tanks 
     1 Watson 35 mm bulk film cassette loader
     1 Kalıma enlarging easel
     1 Kalimar bulk contact printer
     5 10 inch by 12 inch developing trays
     3 16 inch by 12 inch developing trays
     1 Kodak Photo Blotter Roll
     1 Kodak darkroom safe light
     1 Kodak brownie darkroom safe light
     Please contact Brian Russell for more information - 902-499-0758


To post items for sale
Please contact Diane Slaunwhite
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